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Research & Management in Quantum Technology


Quantum Computing

  • Quantum Optimisation

  • Quantum Linear Algebra

  • Tensor Networks

  • Machine Learning

Condensed Matter Physics

  • Superconductivity

  • Superconducting Quantum Optics

Quantum Sensing

  • Quantum Metrology

  • Microwave Sensing

  • Quantum Magnetometry

R&D Management


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I am a scientist and technical team leader with hands-on experiences in experimental condensed matter physics, quantum algorithms development and implementation, and management in a high-quality, on-time delivery manner.

As a program manager and a team leader in the deep-tech venture Terra Quantum AG and quantum physicist at Aalto University, I gained extensive experience identifying pressing scientific directions, conducting research, and managing development projects and R&D teams. I have a strong background in engineering, manufacturing, developing, and operating the unique microwave and optical systems for quantum-enhanced computing, machine learning, sensing, and communications. Also, I'm experienced in communication with the public and have advised senior industries on quantum technology's impact in finance, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and many more.


December 2019 - Present

Program Manager: 
Quantum Computing & Hardware,
Terra Quantum AG

Leading a team of  quantum physicists and developers that develop quantum, quantum-inspired and hybrid algorithms for advanced information processing. Supervising the hardware development group.


October 2020 - Present

Low Temperature Lab,
Aalto University

Development of superconducting microwave devices for quantum information processing in Quantum Circuits and Correlations Group.

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. P. J. Hakonen

June 2019 - July 2019

Visiting Researcher,
ETH Zürich

Theoretical analysis of quantum metrological algorithm by numerical modelling of a multilevel superconducting artificial atom.

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. G. Blatter

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