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Current positions


Quantum Computing & Hardware Program Manager

  • Leading of Quantum optimisation team

  • Leading of Quantum simulation team

  • Development of Superconducting hardware 


Researcher at Quantum Circuits and Correlations Group

  • Development of superconducting systems: design, fabrication and measurements

  • Numerical analysis and modelling


Image by Henry Be

2014 - 2018

Bachelor Degree

Fundamental problems of quantum physics at the General and Applied Physics Department

Bachelor thesis

Josephson parametric amplifier for

fast quantum measurements

Supervisor: P. J. Hakonen, Aalto University


Image by RUT MIIT

2018 - 2020

Master Degree

Physics of quantum information technology and quantum algorithms development in Landau Phystech-School of Physics & Research 

Master thesis

Quantum metrology and multipartite entanglement in superconducting devices

Supervisors: P. J. Hakonen, Aalto University
Opponent: V. M. Vinokur, Argonne NL

Image by israel palacio

2020 - Present

Doctor of Philosophy

Experimental physics of superconducting microwave devices for quantum information processing in Quantum Circuits and Correlations Group

Quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms in Superconducting Qubits and Circuits Group

Supervisors: P. J. Hakonen, Aalto University

Advisor: G. S. Paraoanu

Previous experience

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